Good News: Returning to Pastoral Ministry

Just over three years ago I left pastoral ministry after nine years of pastoring at Woodford and First Baptist Church Meaford. I had a great experience at those churches and nothing took place that turned me off pastoring.

If you had a personal conversation with me in those three years, I may have indicated doubts about returning to pastoral ministry. Again, there had been no bad experiences, just a feeling of needing a break. Looking back, I can see the reasons why. It was during that time that I became sick with sarcoidosis and that our son went into a group home. I’m not sure how good of a pastor I would have been during that period.

When I saw that Queen Street Baptist Church was looking for a pastor, something clicked. I had been watching for the churches that were open and had sent a few resumes but deep down I was not that interested. But QSBC was a different story. It was not just it was in my hometown (although that helped), there was something else there.

You might be interested in this post where I reflect on the events that influenced my return to pastoral ministry.

Fast forward and now I have been the pastor at QSBC for a month. I will confess that the weeks leading up to starting at the church included some questions about how the transition would go. I had not doubts about the congregation, I was impressed with them the moment I met them. But three years is a significant break in ministry.

While I am indeed very early in the “honeymoon stage” I am happy to report that returning to pastoral ministry has been extremely positive. I am the most content that I have been in a long time. I am in that “sweet spot” where I get to use my gifts in my job and be able to enjoy it.

My good news is that I have no doubts that it was time to return to pastoral ministry and that QSBC was the place for me.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this testimony of God’s providential hand upon your life. May God bless you, your family, and QSBC!

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