John Wesley – Review

I have been interested in John Wesley for some time. Having read parts of Wesley’s journal, I was impressed with his combination of passionate preaching, intellectual skill and social justice. He seemed to blend all parts of the Gospel.

John WesleyIf you are looking to get a taste of Wesley, I recommend John Wesley, edited by Albert Outler. Outler divides Wesley’s writings into three parts: The Theologian, Theological Foundations and Theologies in Conflict.

Outler compiles a good sample of Wesley’s writings from sermons, tracts, journals and other writings. Outler also provides some nice introductions to give context to what Wesley writes.

This book will give you a good idea of what John Wesley’s theology was, how it related to his Anglican loyalty and led to conflict with Calvinists.

Even if you are not a Wesleyan or a Methodist (I am not), I recommend John Wesley.

I will be presenting a paper at the 2016 Wesleyan-Pentecostal Symposium at Tyndale University College and Seminary.

The following is a paper that I presented at a Wesleyan Symposium.

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