Good News: Thank God for God

Good NewsAs I sit here thinking about what to write for my weekly good news post, my mind is drawn to God. Not just the existence of God or his power in creating the universe. I am thinking more about all the times we have had to put our trust in God and found him faithful.

I try not to make my good news post too preachy. It is meant as encouragement for all my readers, religious or not. But I am a Christian and having God in my life has really made a difference.

I’m not going to go into deals about all the answers to prayer that we have received. If you are interested, I give four examples in this podcast episode that I recorded last year.

I need to make things clear, God is not my personal Santa Claus. I don’t get everything I have asked for. My children still have autism. I still have sarcoidosis. My parents still died.

But there have been many times that God has come through in our darkest times, including the examples mentioned in the previous paragraph. We have often been in positions where it looked hopeless and then there we were with all our needs met.

I don’t know why some prayers are answered and some are not. I know that God answers all prayers with yes, no or later, but you know what I mean. God is not a mathematical concept that we can come up with a formula and predict results. God is a personal being who makes his own choices.

All this is to say that I am glad that I have God in my life and that I can see some of the ways in which he is working. Thank God for God!

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