Should You Have a Nap?

NapGrowing up, it was not uncommon to see my dad on the couch having a nap. Even though he worked hard as a truck driver, at the time I did not understand why he napped so often. Now that I am the age he was in those memories I understand.

Is napping a good thing or not? For the past three years, napping has been an important part of my life. I have something called sarcoidosis and one of the symptoms is fatigue. I have relied on naps to survive.

There have been times when I have felt guilty about napping and have tried to push through. When this happens, I become unproductive, distracted and pretty much useless. Even a half hour nap can make the difference.

Someone who has preached plenty about naps is blogger Michael Hyatt. I thought I would share some links to his posts on napping for your information.

After you have read and listened to these posts, go and take a nap.



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