MiraclesClose to twenty-five years ago I was a brand new Christian. I had come out of nominal Christianity, atheism and finally generic theism. I was (and am) still a skeptic at heart but wanted to grow in my faith. One of the first Christian books that I read was Miracles by C.S. Lewis. I didn’t know that it was considered apologetics, I only knew that Lewis was tackling the questions I had.

This past week I reread Miracles and enjoyed it even more. Most people think of Mere Christianity as Lewis’ most important book, but I think Miracles is good contender. They should both be mandatory reading for all Christians.

Lewis does a fantastic job of challenging the idea of naturalism. He does not argue against nature and science but rather demonstrates that miracles only make sense because of the laws of nature. He begins, not by arguing for Christian theism, but for the possibility of the supernatural in general.

Lewis does get to Christianity and focuses on three types of miracles. One is the great miracle, the miracle that happened only once: the incarnation. This is Lewis at his best. He also talks about two kinds of miracles that Jesus performed, miracles of the old and new creation. The former are things like multiply food or turning water into wine. The latter would include bringing back from death.

Miracles is not a book that people should be intimidated to read. Lewis has such a wonderful writing style that he can present complex concepts in readable form. I highly recommend this book.


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