Top Ten Apologetics Blogs – March 2016

One of my aims is to promote and encourage Christian bloggers, especially in the area of apologetics. To this end, I have been compiling a top ten list every quarter. For those who ask, I use the Alexa rankings. There are other tools but this is the one that I have chosen to go with.

There has been some change in the top ten list, partially because I have added to my list of apologetics blogs (which you should check out).

So here are the top ten apologetics blogs for March 2016. Congratulations to all those in the list and thank you for your blogging efforts.

  1. The Poached Egg
  2. Cold-Case Christianity
  3. Cross Examined
  4. Wintery Knight
  5. Apologetics 315
  6. Come Reason’s Apologetics Notes
  7. Sean McDowell
  8. Stand to Reason
  9. The Tentative Apologist
  10. Always Have a Reason
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5 thoughts on “Top Ten Apologetics Blogs – March 2016”

  1. Hi Mr. Bedard,
    I was wondering if you could put my apologetics blog on your master list? I cannot seem to add it as a comment on the link to your master list, so thought I would leave it here. My blog is


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