Is Apologetics Blogging Dead?

In recent months I have come across numerous articles, posts and podcasts reflecting on the question, “Is blogging dead?” Obviously blogging cannot be completely dead as I am writing a blog post on the subject.

Why are people asking if blogging is dead?

The problem is not necessarily something wrong with the medium of blogs. Rather it is an observation that blogging does not have the same proportion of content production on the internet that it once did. Many people have either switched to or at least added podcasting to their content production. Video is growing quickly as well, not just YouTube and Facebook, but live-streaming video such as Periscope and Blab. There are more options available now than ever before.

How does this affect apologetics blogging?

ApologeticsI have been blogging for ten years and I have not seen a decrease in interest, either from people coming to my blog or me going to others. If anything, blogs seem even more important.

I believe that Christian blogging, especially apologetics blogging, has an advantage in the blogosphere. Many people (but not all) who read apologetics blogs, do it not because they are extremely loyal to a particular blogger but because they are looking for an answer to a specific question.

  • What is intelligent design?
  • What do Mormons believe?
  • Is there evidence for the resurrection of Jesus?

As long as there are questions, internet search engines and websites/blogs with good quality apologetics content, there will be a place for apologetics blogging.

That does not mean that apologetics blogging is not changing. There is a demand for higher quality content that is both well researched and easy to understand. Mediocre blogs are going to find it harder to find an audience.

People looking for answers will also find more options than traditional blog posts. Bloggers themselves are broadening their methods, expanding to podcasts and video.

Take a moment to check out my podcast and my YouTube channel.

What I see happening is not a lower demand for apologetics blogging but rather a smaller slice of a much bigger apologetics pie.

So if you are an apologetics blogger, do not become discouraged. Work harder at providing good content. Experiment with other methods. Consider starting a podcast.

But be assured that people are still looking for the biblical answers that you have.


This is not about apologetics or even Christian blogging, but I recommend this podcast episode on “Blogging is Alive and Well and Remains Relevant.” It is about business blogs but still has some very useful information.

I also recommend this video by Michael Hyatt on “Blow Up Your Blog!” where he talks about the continued importance of blogging.

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