Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Review

I was able to go out and see Batman v Superman today. Going into it, I was aware that a number of critics gave it bad or mixed reviews. However, I have learned that critics do not always see what the average person sees.

Batman v Superman
If a person went to this movie looking for the Marvel formula with just some DC characters inserted, it would be a disappointment. But Batman v Superman was not trying to be a Marvel movie. It felt very much like a DC movie. We should expect their movies to be as different from each other as the comics are.

I really enjoyed the movie. I thought Henry Cavil did a great job as Superman, just as he did in Man of Steel. People were nervous with Ben Affleck as Batman but he really pulled it off. I would put him definitely as one of the best movie Batmen. There was not a lot of the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman but enough to make me look forward to the Wonder Woman movie.

What about Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor? He really made Luthor his own and it was at times difficult to remember he was Luthor. My kids actually thought he was playing the Joker and not Luthor. Still, he did portray a modern mad scientist and came across as a believable villain.

Doomsday was not my favourite, but I didn’t like him in the comics either. Still, he was used to good effect and moved the story where it needed to go.

Batman v Superman was just a good solid superhero movie. I liked it better than Avengers: Age of Ultron. It provided an interesting story, exciting battles, development of important characters and most of all set up the shared DC cinematic universe. It made me look forward to the Justice League movies, which was probably one of its main goals.

So if you heard the professional critics giving bad reviews for the movie, don’t take them too seriously. Batman v Superman is a good movie and worth watching as long you keep the Marvel comparisons to a minimum.

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