Good News: A Fantastic Easter

There was no trouble coming up with a Good News post today. This has been a tremendous day on so many levels.

It began with our Easter Service at Queen Street Baptist Church. This was my first Easter as the pastor at QSBC. There was a great turnout for church and everything came together well. I will confess that when I am leading a service, it is difficult for me to enter into worship. I’m always thinking about the next thing that needs to be done. But today I found the worship powerful and I was very aware of God’s presence. I was blessed by all that went on at church, both in worship and fellowship.

That would be enough for good news but it kept going. Normally we have Logan and Abby over for a visit Friday night to Saturday morning. This weekend we have them Sunday afternoon to Monday morning. Abby has missed a couple of her visits in the last couple of months because she was just not feeling up to it. When we only see them every every other week, missing even one visit makes a difference. We feared the same would happen today, but thank God Abby did arrive and she has been in a great mood. Logan has had some issues, but Amanda and I still have our autism mom and dad skills and so it is nice we can still handle things. We are really enjoying our visit.

Finally, with this being Easter, I need to say one more thing. I really believe that Jesus did rise from the dead and that he is alive. Even if nothing else happened, this would be enough good news.

With all things together, this has been a very good Easter.

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