Karl Barth on the New Testament Hope

The New Testament presents a message of hope. But what is the content of that hope? I came across this summary of the New Testament hope by Karl Barth that I thought was very helpful.

Karl BarthThis, then, is the New Testament hope. To understand it, we must fix our eyes firmly on three points:

1. the relationship between the crucifixion of Jesus as the event in which man’s sin and guilt and consequent death are abolished and time is fulfilled, and His resurrection as the preliminary indication of this event establishing faith in Jesus as the Deliverer from death;

2. the relationship between the resurrection of Jesus as the preliminary indication inaugurating the last time and establishing the Church and its mission and His return in glory as the conclusive, general and definitive revelation of this event;

3. and above all, the being of man with Him which is promised to and actualised in faith in Jesus, and in virtue of which he has his own death and the dawn of the last time behind him in the death of Jesus, is born again in His resurrection to a life in God concealed throughout the last time, and will be revealed in glory as one who has this life when Jesus returns in glory as the goal of the last time. (Church Dogmatics X.47.5)

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