The Supergirl – Flash Crossover

I took some time to watch the episode of Supergirl that had the Flash in it. I need to make two confessions. I have not been watching either of these series. I watched the first episode of Supergirl and that was it. I have never seen an episode of the Flash.

What did I think of the episode? It was fun in a cheesy kind of way. It confirmed for me that I am not missing anything with Supergirl. The show really does not do much for me. It is neat seeing these DC characters in live action but that is about it.

I will say that I thought the Flash was pretty good. I am open to watching his series. I have watched and enjoyed the first season of Arrow and I like the way they have been developing the DC Universe there. I probably will pick up the first season of Flash at some point.

I think the highlight was just the fact that there was a crossover between tow networks. Nice teamwork.  Gotham anyone?

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