My Top 5 Autism Posts

As much as I am interested in apologetics, discipleship and leadership, I am also interested in autism. One of the biggest influences on my life and ministry has been my two children with autism. They teach me so much about God and the things that really matter. Not only that, I recently discovered that I am also on the spectrum.

I have blogged quite a bit about autism over the years. While much of my autism blogging is now done on my autism blog, these are the top five autism post from this site.

  1. Coming Out of the Closet
  2. Good News: My First Conversation With Abby
  3. Inclusion In Your Church (Guest Post by Ron Sandison)
  4. Family Ties
  5. 7 Things Churches Need to Know About Autism

Bonus Item: Here is my latest post on my autism blog: How is the Church Doing With Autism Awareness?



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