A Great Resource Responding to the Jesus Myth Theory

Jesus MythOne of my first introductions to serious apologetics was responding to the Jesus Myth Theory by co-writing Unmasking the Pagan Christ. That was back in 2006, a time when many people were not taking the Jesus myth very seriously.

More and more skeptics have latched onto the Jesus myth and I still don’t think there is enough of a response. However, I am thankful that some people are responding with clear and reasonable arguments. One of those people is Albert McIlhenny.

Albert has put together a website dedicated to the Jesus myth called A Christian Response to Jesus Mythicism. This website is filled with information and links that deal with the Jesus myth. You can also find the series of books that Albert has written on the Jesus myth. If you have encountered the Jesus myth or know people looking for information, I recommend this website.

You might want to check out Albert’s other site Labarum.

I would also like to point you to this guest post that Albert did for this blog: An Evaluation of the Work and Influence of D. M. Murdock

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