Good News: Feeling Blessed

For my good news post, I could speak about my love for my sons who just had birthdays. But I already did that here and here. Still, having these guys in my life is good news and a great blessing.

Instead, I was drawn to just the change in our life over the past three years. We have had a lot of challenges in our family but I would say that 2012-2015 were some of the most difficult years. During that time, it often felt like we were living the life of Job. The testings and trials just did not seem to want to stop.

For about half that time, I was only semi-employed and our finances were pretty tight. I was also during this time that I got sick with sarcoidosis. It wasn’t just the diagnosis that was bad, it was the months of sickness and mystery about the nature of the illness that led up to the diagnosis that was the worst. These years included some pretty serious bouts of mental illness in our family as well. It felt like it would never end.

I would never claim that life is perfect but things have changed dramatically. I know have a full-time job as the pastor of Queen Street Baptist Church. I love my job and I love the congregation.

I still have sarcoidosis and it does not seem to want to go into remission as it does with the majority of people with sarcoidosis. Having said that, I am doing very well for someone who still has it active in the body. It has not stopped me from work. Also, since moving to St. Catharines, I have gotten connected with specialists who are taking it seriously and I am receiving treatment.

In terms of mental health, I’m very proud of my family, especially Amanda. Amanda has done so well and works hard to maintain her health. She has started a new job which she is excelling at and her bosses brag about her all the time. Amanda is an amazing wife and mother and I love her so much. I will point you to her blog Beautiful Chaos for her perspective on how things are going.

When I think about where we have come from and where we are, I’m blown away. God has been very good to us and we are extremely thankful.

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