Hitting the Double Digits

Logan and Justus, my two birthday boys

Having just celebrated one son’s birthday, it is time to celebrate another. Today is our son Justus’ tenth birthday. His story is just as amazing as Logan’s.

After our first two children were diagnosed with autism, we decided it was time to stop. Having autism is not a death sentence but Logan and Abby are both on the severe end of the spectrum and we knew that having a third child with autism (which was very possible) might be too much for us.

After a few years we decided that we wanted to look into adoption. At least in Canada, there are two ways to adopt. One is to do it privately, whether foreign or domestic, and it is often very expensive. The other is to do it through a children’s aid society, with a child who are looking for a forever family.

Although the classes were interesting, they were also very discouraging. We were told that there was a long waiting list, as long as seven years. We were also told that it was very unlikely that we would receive a baby. It was not looking good and yet we decided to stick with the process.

Before our last scheduled adoption class, we had a beautiful baby boy named Justus living in our home. How did this happen? That is a story for another day. But I will say that we also have his two younger sisters who both came to us as babies. We also had a lawyer come forward to provide the legal part pro bono.

Justus is a fantastic kid. He has had his challenges but he is a fighter (in a good way). I am so impressed with him. It is amazing the things that we have in common. We like the same kinds of music (classic rock) and movies (superhero and science fiction). Those who knew me as a child, know that I provided the guns for neighbourhood war games. Justus does the same for his friends.

One of the things that Justus has gotten from Amanda and not me, is the love of playing music. Justus has written his own worship song (tune and words) and we did it at our previous church. His hope is also to play drums with the worship team at Queen Street Baptist Church.

I love Justus and I’m very proud of him. Happy birthday Justus and welcome to the double-digits.


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