Top Ten Jesus Myth Posts

Somehow, I have found myself with the Jesus Myth Theory as my area of specialization. It makes sense in that I have an interest in historical Jesus studies and well as classical mythology (I was almost a classics major). In addition, I found myself at one point pastoring in the same small town as well known Jesus mythicist.

Therefore it is no surprise that I have blogged a fair bit about the Jesus myth. Here are my top ten posts dealing with this theory, a theory that only seems to grow in popularity.

  1. 10 Reasons Why There Really Was a Historical Jesus
  2. Top Ten Problems With the Jesus Myth Theory
  3. The Apologetic Value of Philo Not Mentioning Jesus
  4. Was Horus Born of a Virgin?
  5. 10 Responses to D.M. Murdock and the Zeitgeist Movie
  6. 5 Bad Reasons to Suspect That Jesus Never Existed
  7. Michael Paulkovich and the 126 Who Did Not Know Jesus
  8. Why Should We Care About the Jesus Myth?
  9. 7 Reasons Why I Reject the Jesus Myth
  10. The Lack of Unbiased Evidence for Jesus

I would of course also recommend the book I co-authored with Stanley Porter, Unmasking the Pagan Christ.

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