God and the Big Bang

When I was a new Christian, I found that many of the people at my church saw the idea of the big bang as being an enemy of Christianity. Nothing can be further from the truth. Many who are opposed to the concept of God struggle with the big bang because it requires a beginning of the universe, which opens the door to a cause for the universe.

In this video, William Lane Craig looks at the concept of the big bang and cosmology in general. If you want to learn more, I recommend Craig’s Reasonable Faith page.

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One thought on “God and the Big Bang”

  1. In my view Craig has brilliantly articulated the essential irrelevance of the alternative Hawking model in light of the question of origins. I am near to astonished at the clarity and fairness of the logic and content Craig presented, as well as his clarity as to what the talk did accomplish and left for an expanded discussion bringing in other alternative cosmologies. His final logic for a creator and the absurdity of an explanation grounded on nothing was highly succinct and compelling. I especially appreciated his description of something coming out of nothing as tantamount to magic.

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