Good News: Getting Acquainted With Diabetes

Good NewsAlthough I would not consider my recent diagnosis with diabetes good news, I must say that this week has not been without good news. I have had the shadow of diabetes over me for some time. My father had diabetes and so I have been watching my blood results with interest. There was always a good chance that it would appear.

However, things are not as bad as I feared. My blood sugar is still high, but at least I’m getting help. The original plan was to treat the diabetes with diet and medication. It quickly became apparent that was not going to do. As of this week, I started taking insulin shots four times a day in addition to the pills. My blood sugar is still not yet in the normal range and so the pills wouldn’t have done the trick.

I’m starting get used to this new aspect of my life. I check my blood sugar four times a day. I take my medication and my shots. The best part is the change in diet. I’m not being sarcastic. I love the healthy eating I’m doing. Amanda is doing an amazing job of cooking delicious diabetic-friendly meals. My desire for sweets has diminished significantly. I’m quite happy with the healthy snacks.

I wouldn’t have asked for diabetes and I hope the diabetes goes away when I’m off prednisone, but so far things are going well. I’m thankful for the medical help I have received and will continue to receive. This is my good news.

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