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The last number of years have not been great with my health. My mid-forties hit me pretty hard. It all began with the sudden appearance of sarcoidosis, although I did not get that diagnosis until after I had been very sick for a number of months. For many people with sarcoidosis, the symptoms never appear or they last for a short time and disappear after an initial treatment of steroids. That did not happen in my case.

While I had symptoms all over my body, the sarcoidosis first appeared in the lymph nodes in my lungs. About a year ago, we discovered that I had sarcoidosis in my eyes. More recently, there has been evidence that the sarcoidosis is affecting my kidneys.

This spread of sarcoidosis is what led to my recent prednisone treatment, which has unfortunately brought on diabetes. The diabetes was serious enough that I needed to go on insulin right away. I’m getting used to the diabetes lifestyle and I actually feel better with the change in diet.

Today, I went to see my respirologist. I found out two things that were not very encouraging. There are four stages of sarcoidosis and my doctor confirmed that I have now moved from stage two to stage three. What does that mean? The sarcoidosis has moved into my lungs. Wasn’t the sarcoidosis already in my lungs? Technically yes, but it was in the lymph system of my lungs. Now the sarcoidosis is in my actual lungs and causing a decrease in volume. That would be enough, but I was diagnosed with asthma today as well.

Why do I share this? It is not to complain. I feel pretty good. I’m strong enough to work full-time and to enjoy my family. I know that there are many people with sarcoidosis who suffer much more than I do.

I share this because I know that there have been many people who have prayed for me and continue to pray for me. I so appreciate the support and encouragement from friends, family and people I have never met.

I would appreciate prayers for my health, not just for the recent diabetes, but also for the sarcoidosis. While I’m not dying or anything, we really need to stop the sarcoidosis at stage three. Moving on to stage four would be bad news.

That is where I am at for now. Thank you for your prayers.

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