William Lane Craig on Proving God Exists

I sometimes hear both Christians and non-Christians talking about “proving” that God exists. I really don’t like that language and I feel it is unrealistic. As I have been going through William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith, I came across his position, which is the more appropriate goal for the apologetic endeavour.

William Lane CraigWe needn’t claim that we can prove to the unbeliever that God exists. In the minds of most people the word prove or proof connotes a mathematical demonstration. There’s just no reason to set the bar so unrealistically high. It’s a better strategy to set the bar low and then really exceed all expectations. So we should claim that “There are good arguments for the existence of God” or “In light of the evidence it’s more probable than not that God exists,” or even more modestly, “The arguments make it rational to believe that God exists.” (p. 189)

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