Good News: Father’s Day Reflections

Good NewsI have had and have many roles in my life but being a dad is one of the most important. It is a tremendous responsibility and to be honest, I never feel as if I live up to the role.

As I look back on my fifteen years as a father, I could never have anticipated what life would look like. I would never have predicted that my two biological children would have autism and would live in a different city from the rest of us. Nor could I have predicted that I would have three other children who would come to our family. At the same time, I feel tremendously blessed by all five of my children.

This is also a time for me to think of my own dad. Like any human father, he was not perfect, but he was my dad and I loved him. He demonstrated his love for me in some pretty powerful ways. He was very proud when I became a pastor and he attended the first wedding I performed, even though he didn’t know the couple, because he wanted to be there. He did numerous things like that to be there for me. It has been over ten years since my dad died. I still miss him very much.

On this Father’s Day, I’m trying to learn from the best of my own dad and to be a better dad for all the children God has given me.

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