Who Moved My Pulpit?

Who Moved My PulpitOne of my favourite podcasts is Rainer on Leadership and Thom Rainer’s blog posts that I share seem to get a lot of engagement. So I was looking forward to finally reading one of his books.

The book I chose is his latest, Who Moved My Pulpit? I love that this book is a reply to a real email from a real pastor. The book is a study in the leading of change in the church, something that is close to the heart of most pastors.

This book is incredibly practical. It is not a theory-only resource. Any pastor, even with no formal leadership training, can take the principles here and apply them in their context.

The heart of the book is the roadmap for leading change:

  1. Stop and Pray
  2. Confront and Communicate a Sense of Urgency
  3. Build an Eager Coalition
  4. Become a Voice and Vision of Hope
  5. Deal with People Issues
  6. Move from an Inward Focus to an Outward Focus
  7. Pick Low-Hanging Fruit
  8. Implement and Consolidate Change

Rainer illustrates every step of the process with real life experiences. The reader is confronted with situations that ring true to what many pastors experience. Both positive and negative attempts at change are presented.

Rainer writes with an engaging style and this book is something that could be shared widely with the leadership of the church. Each chapter concludes with reflection questions.

One of the things that I appreciate about Rainer is that he writes for a wide variety of contexts. This resource is not just aimed at megachurch pastors with a paid staff of twenty leaders. The principles he offers are very applicable to my situation as a solo pastor of congregation of less than a hundred people.

Who Moved My Pulpit? is a fantastic resource and it is something I plan to revisit over and over again in my ministry.

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2 thoughts on “Who Moved My Pulpit?”

  1. These 8 steps seem to mirror the 8 steps outlined in John Kotter’s book “Leading Change”. Does Rainer cite him? I love Rainer’s stuff too and have been able to use much of his thinking in my own leadership journey.

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