Sean McDowell and Ken Humphreys on the Martyrdom of the Apostles

UnbelievableI recently listened to the debate between Sean McDowell and Ken Humphreys on the Unbelievable? podcast. One of my main areas of research is the Jesus myth theory and Humpreys is a mythicist, so this was of some interest to me. Having listened to the debate, I thought I would share some random thoughts.

  • Justin Brierley continues to amaze me at how respectful he is to all sides. He does a fantastic job on this show.
  • If some people paid attention to Sean because of who his father is, they should now do it because of who Sean is. Sean is a talented scholar and apologist.
  • Sean provides an excellent example in this debate, not just of intellectual quality, but of how to keep cool in a frustrating conversation.
  • Ken provided as a good a reason not to hold a mythicist position as Sean’s arguments. I don’t think that was his intention.
  • This conversation nicely illustrates how mythicists attempt to do history in a way that no historian does.
  • Sean was absolutely correct that the Gospels can be used as historical sources, even if they are Christian scripture. Those studying the history of Islam use the Qur’an as an important source, even though Muslims hold it as scripture.
  • It blew my mind that Ken is actually contemplating that the Apostle Paul might not have existed. That is radical even for mythicists.
  • I’m reminded that even though I enjoy writing about the Jesus myth, I could never debate a mythicist. I may have the knowledge, but I don’t have the patience. I could feel my blood pressure rising as I listened to Ken. There may have been some physical damage.
  • I’m thankful that there is a show like Unbelievable? where these kinds of discussions can take place.

If you are interested in Sean McDowell’s book on the apostles, you can get it here: (USA) (Canada).

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