God is Great, God is Good

God is Great God is GoodOne of the major challenges to the Church in recent years has been the New Atheism. The New Atheists do not have new arguments, but they do have a new aggressiveness and a new level of visibility with their media savviness. It is in response to this that William Lane Craig and Chad Meister edited, God is Great, God is Good.

The strength of this book is both the wide variety of topics and the quality of authors providing essays. The contributors to this volume are really a who’s who of the apologetics world. As with any compilation, the chapters are of varying quality, but there definitely are some excellent essays. I found the ones by Alister McGrath, Paul Copan, John Polkinghorne and Gary Habermas to be particularly good.

If you are concerned with the New Atheism and are looking for a resource, God is Great, God is Good will likely provide what you need.

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