Unmasking the Jesus Myth

I am excited to tell you about a brand new resource. My newest book, Unmasking the Jesus Myth, is now available in Kindle!

What is this book and why should you buy it? In 2006, I co-wrote a book with Stanley Porter, called Unmasking the Pagan Christ. It was a response to one specific mythicist, Tom Harpur, although it certainly is relevant to the Jesus Myth in general.

Since that time, I have seen only growth in the popularity of the Jesus Myth. Often it is my blog posts on the Jesus Myth that get the most hits. I frequently hear from Christians who are looking for resources to respond to the Jesus Myth.

Unmasking the Jesus Myth is written for the interested layperson who needs a way to respond to the Jesus Myth. I purposely limited the footnotes in the main body of the book and I focus on practical ways to respond. At the same time, I included three articles that I wrote for journals that provide more academic responses for those who need that.

I am very happy with the final product and I believe this will be a helpful resource for many Christians.

You can get Unmasking the Jesus Myth from Kindle (USA) (Canada).

If you don’t own a Kindle reader, you can get a Kindle app for Mac, PC or Android.

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