Don’t Be That Apologist

It is easy to call oneself an apologist. It is a different thing to be a good and effective apologist. There are plenty of bad examples of apologetics for us to learn from. Obviously, I won’t name names. But I will give examples of the apologist that you shouldn’t be.

Don’t be that apologist who is…

  • More interested in attacking other orthodox Christians than defending the faith against skeptics.
  • Known more for their angry outbursts than for the reasoning of their arguments.
  • Not so concerned with accuracy as long as what they presents supports their views.
  • Focused more on the winning of the argument than helping the individual.
  • Losing their own spiritual life as they read the Bible for only apologetics fodder.
  • Always learning but never putting into practice what they learn.
  • Making a bad name for apologetics.
  • No fun to be around.

Whatever you do, don’t be that apologist.

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