Don’t Be That Pastor

PastorI recently wrote a blog post called Don’t Be That Apologist, where I gave some examples of apologists (without names) that are bad examples. I thought I would do the same thing for pastors.

As a pastor, I have made plenty of mistakes and have witnessed mistakes by other pastors. Unfortunately there are lots of bad examples. So I would urge you to not be that pastor who…

  • Gives in to our current biblical illiteracy by not teaching the Bible.
  • Sees their current pastoral position as simply a stepping stone to something better in the future.
  • Sacrifices their family for the sake of ministry.
  • Tries to do all the ministry by themselves, leaving nothing for the congregation.
  • Spends more time in meetings than being with the people or preparing for sermons.
  • Isolates themselves from the congregation.
  • Neglects to invest in other leaders (whether staff or lay).
  • Requires authority over others for self-worth.
  • Attempts to please everyone in the congregation.
  • Loses their relationship with God in the busyness of ministry.
  • Gives up on the Church because of some bad experiences with a local congregation.

Whatever you do, don’t be that pastor.

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