5 Reasons Why Pastors Should Care About Apologetics

As both a pastor and an apologist, I believe that there should be connections between both roles. I actually became an apologist because of a need that arose while being a pastor at a local church.

I also understand that there are many pastors who are not interested in apologetics. They believe that the keys to successful ministry are community, relationships and Christian experience. I’m all in favour of those things. But I would argue that apologetics should play an important role as well.

Here are five reasons that pastors should care about apologetics.

  1. There are Christians in our churches that are not confident in their faith. They struggle with certain issues and wish that someone would address them.
  2. There are skeptics and critics of Christianity who are actively trying to attack Christianity with their own form of apologetics.
  3. Apologetics is a way for us to worship God with our minds.
  4. There are seekers that are held back by unanswered questions.
  5. The Bible tells us that we should (1 Peter 3:15).

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