5 Reasons I Write About the Jesus Myth

Jesus MythIf I have a specialty in apologetics, it is in responding to the Jesus Myth Theory. The JMT argues that there was no historical Jesus and the Jesus of the Gospels is based on pagan myths.

My first major foray into the apologetics world was co-writing Unmasking the Pagan Christ. Since then, I have written a number of journal articles and many blog posts on the JMT. My most recent book, Unmasking the Jesus Myth, also responds to the JMT. I have another book planned, but I won’t start it until I’m done my Doctor of Ministry thesis.

Why do I write so much on the JMT? I’m glad you asked. Here are five reasons why I write about the Jesus Myth.

  1. Jesus is the most important part of Christianity. If we get Jesus wrong, we get everything wrong.
  2. The Jesus Myth Theory is getting more popular and not less popular. People are being led astray and somebody needs to respond.
  3. I have always loved history and have been naturally drawn to historical Jesus studies.
  4. I love mythology. I studied classics a bit in university and have been collecting books on mythology, as well as Greco-Roman history for some time.
  5. I value the truth. The claims made by mythicists are lies that need to be exposed. It is not just my opinion that Dionysus was not born of a virgin. The myths describe his conception as taking place through intercourse. This is typical of the JMT.

If you want to learn more, I encourage you to pick up my book, Unmasking the Jesus Myth. (USA) (Canada)

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