Autism Can Include Good News

I post a weekly Good News post. I started this a number of years ago during a dark time in my life. It was a way of looking past all the difficulties and finding something that I could be thankful for. It began as a daily discipline and eventually moved to a weekly post.

First, I would like to encourage other autism families to do this. It is good to find the good news in all of the other things that happen.

My autism-related Good News is that our children are home for a visit. They live in a group home and come for overnight visits twice a month. I’m thankful that they are in a great group home where they are cared for. I’m thankful that Logan and Abby can be in a group home together, as this has made a huge positive impact on them. I’m thankful that we get to see them regularly. I’m thankful that we can enjoy them and have a fantastic relationship with them.

There are many things about autism I don’t like. But I still can find plenty about our situation that I can be thankful for. This is Good News.

Logan Bedard


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