Good News: Teaching at Tyndale

I just finished teaching a course on the Apostle Paul at Tyndale University College. I have been teaching for the adult modular program at Tyndale since 2010. I still remember being contacted by Daniel Wong and being offered the opportunity to teach a course on 1 Corinthians. It was dream come true to be able to teach a course at the university level.

I have taught quite a few courses for Tyndale since then. My experience at Tyndale played a big part in allowing me to teach at Emmanuel Bible College for a number of years.

I love teaching, whether it the New Testament, apologetics or ethics. I enjoy working through important subjects and learning from my students. My recent course on the Apostle Paul was no exception.

If you are an adult (over 25) who works during the day but would like to get a theological degree, you should check out the program I teach with. I will be teaching a course on Revelation, Nov. 2016 – Jan. 2017. That should be a pretty interesting class.

I love being a pastor and I have no intention of seeking a career in full-time teaching, but I do appreciate these teaching opportunities that come my way. I believe strongly in keeping the connection between the church and the academy as close as possible.

I’m so thankful for my teaching experience and this is my good news.

You can listen to some short excerpts of my lectures on the Apostle Paul at the links below:

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