Pauline Christology

Pauline ChristologyWas Jesus divine? Was the divinity of Jesus a later invention of the church? What did Paul, our earliest Christian writer, say about Jesus? I can think of no better resource to answer these questions than Gordon Fee’s Pauline Christology.

I have read Fee’s earlier book, God’s Empowering Presence, where Fee looked at every mention of the Spirit by Paul. That was an amazing book. In Pauline Christology, Fee does the same thing for Jesus.

When we think of Jesus as divine, the two passages that often come up are Philippians 2 and Colossians 1. Those are important passages but there is so much more. Fee demonstrates convincingly that Paul’s high christology permeates all of his letters. For example, Paul repeatedly describes Jesus accomplishing what the God of the Old Testament was prophesied to do. Paul’s use of Lord for Jesus was not just a term of respect, but as a statement of Jesus’ divinity.

Pauline Christology, is an essential resource for those interested in biblical studies and also those involved in Christian apologetics.

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