Do Guardian Angels Exist?

Guardian AngelsThe idea of guardian angels is very popular in our culture. Some people are more likely to rely on their guardian angel than on God.

But do guardian angels even exist?

I have always been skeptical but had not really looked at the biblical evidence. However, I came across a passage in the Church Dogmatics that I thought was helpful. After looking at the biblical evidence, Karl Barth points to an observation by John Calvin.

The most forceful, because positive, objection to this view (guardian angels) was again brought by Calvin, who maintained that the divine care for an individual is not committed only to one angel, sed omnes uno consenu vigilantur pro salute nostra. If we do not think it sufficient that all the hosts of heaven keep watch over us, what will be the value of thinking that one angel in particular is our guardian? This is sound angelology.

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