4 Reasons Why I Am an Apologist

I have been involved in apologetics almost right from the beginning of when I made a personal faith commitment. But this was no phase I was going through. Apologetics has only become more important to me, leading me to write about, speak about and even teach Christian apologetics. But why do I want to be an apologist?

I would like to share four reasons why I am an apologist.

  1. I believe Christianity is true. Although I grew up attending church, I was an atheist for a number of years. After much seeking and reflection, I became a Christian. I believe that this stuff is true. I really believe that there is a God. I really believe that Jesus rose from the dead.
  2. I value the truth. Some of the apologetics that I’m involved in, I must confess, is not motivated by my commitment to Christianity. For example, one of the reasons why I respond to the Jesus Myth is that it really bothers me the way they misrepresent ancient myths and make a mockery of the way historians do history. Truth matters.
  3. I want to help seekers. I have no desire to shove religion down people’s throats. I do not force my faith on others. But I do know, from personal experience, that there are people who are considering Christianity and who are struggling with certain topics. If I can clear away some of these obstacles to faith by clarifying the facts, then I am happy.
  4. I want to help Christians. I believe that apologetics is just as much for Christians as it is for seekers. I remember what it was like as a skeptical young Christians with plenty of questions. I didn’t find much help within the church. If I can be the help that was missing in my faith journey, than I will have done something of value.
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One thought on “4 Reasons Why I Am an Apologist”

  1. Thx! So true and relatable. Your point #3 was my primary motivation for starting an apologetics ministry. I have a passion for Truth. And I love answering believers’ questions so they will know more reasons why they trust in Jesus Christ and will be ready to answer others’ questions (1 Pet. 3:15).

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