Reviewing Leadership

Reviewing LeadershipI have read quite a few books on leadership and will continue to invest in this area of knowledge. However, Reviewing Leadership by Bernice M. Ledbetter, Robert J. Banks and David C. Greenhalgh fills in a gap that I have not seen in other leadership books.

This is not a “how to” book for becoming a good leader. In fact it does not put forth a leadership strategy as the recommended way. Instead, this book puts all of the other leadership books into their larger context.

The authors look at the history of leadership studies and its struggle to become its own discipline. Since many of the readers will be Christian, they look at faith-based concepts of leadership. However, they don’t just describe Christian approaches. Remember, this book is about looking at the big picture and the authors place Christian approaches in the larger context of faith-based leadership. For example, they do a good job of explaining how Stephen Covey’s Mormon faith informed his leadership teaching, even when he did not discuss Mormonism in his books.

As I read Reviewing Leadership, I could see the connections between concepts that I had never seen before. I recommend this book for all those involved in Christian leadership as it will help you see leadership from a new perspective.

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