24 Podcasts That I Listen To

PodcastsListening to podcasts is an important part of my lifelong learning strategy. I listen to podcasts while I cut the grass, walk the dog, do the laundry, drive to work and any other opportunity that I get. I find it makes tasks that are not so fun to be more enjoyable.

I have purposely designed my podcast playlist to cover a number of different subjects. They help me to have much wider range of knowledge than I would normally have.

Here are the twenty-four podcasts that I’m currently subscribed to. The links will take you to their iTunes pages. They are ranked in alphabetic order and not according to my preferences.

  1. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast
  2. The British History Podcast
  3. The Carey Nieuhof Leadership Podcast
  4. The ChurchLeaders Podcast
  5. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
  6. The Heritage Podcast
  7. The History of Egypt Podcast
  8. History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps
  9. History of the Crusades
  10. The History of WWII Podcast
  11. Kingdom Roots With Scot McKnight
  12. Mind Matters
  13. The Paulcast
  14. Philosophy Bites
  15. ProBlogger Podcast
  16. Rainer on Leadership
  17. Reasonable Faith Podcast
  18. Theology in the Raw
  19. Theology on Mission
  20. Timothy Keller Sermons Podcast
  21. Unbelievable?
  22. Word Matters
  23. 5 Leadership Questions
  24. 200churches Podcast

Bonus Podcasts

Although those are the twenty-four I subscribe to, I would like to recommend two more.

History of Rome Podcast – The only reason I don’t listen to it anymore is that I have listened to every episode. It is one of the best podcasts I have listened to and has inspired many of the history podcasts that I currently listen to.

Hope’s Reason: A Podcast of Discipleship – This is my podcast and I couldn’t leave it out. It includes episodes on a number of topics related to apologetics, theology and leadership, as well as my sermons.

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