Suicide Squad: Second Viewing

Last night I went to see Suicide Squad at the theatre for the second time. I don’t remember the last time I saw a movie twice in the theatre and so that says something.

This time I went into it without the excitement of seeing familiar DC characters on the big screen and I also had time to reflect on the negative reviews. But as I rewatched this movie, my thoughts kept going back to: “I just don’t get the hate for this movie.”

Of course it is not a perfect movie. I did not like the Rick Flagg character (even though I liked him in the comics). I thought the scene where Amanda Waller shoots the government employees to be stupid. I think Katana could have been used much more effectively.

But having said all that, it was still a good and solid action movie. Deadshot and Harley Quinn were done very well. I still enjoyed the Joker, and I hope all the recent venting does not mean that Jared Leto is done with this character.

There was just nothing about this movie that requires all of the harsh comments that people have been making. It is a good movie that expands nicely the DCCU and it deserves a sequel. I enjoyed watching it a second time and I’m sure I will watch it again.

Suicide Squad


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