Dark Knight Revisited

Last night I rewatched the Dark Knight for the first time in a long time. For many people, this is the best DC Comics movie that has been made. This is largely because of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker. Some would claim that this was the definitive Joker.

As I watched it, I definitely enjoyed the movie. All three of the Christopher Nolan movies are excellent. I will say that I was not thrilled with Harvey Dent and Two-Face. I think he was my least favourite character of the trilogy. Even Alfred and Lucius Fox are way better.

Looking back on these movies, how does Ben Affleck compare to Christian Bale? I like both of them, in fact I would say they are the top two actors to play Batman (I would put Michael Keaton as third). I’m very happy with what I have seen of Ben Affleck as Batman so far in Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad and I look forward to his solo movie.

Back to Dark Knight, do you know what I really like about this trilogy? I absolutely love the music. It sets the tone for each scene in a way that I don’t see in other superhero movies. The music is so good, it almost becomes another character interacting on screen. It’s too bad this music won’t be used in future Batman movies.

The Dark Knight definitely was an important step in DC’s movie productions. It will always remain a classic within the genre.

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