5 Steps to Become an Apologetics Speaker

Have you ever wished that you could speak at apologetics events and share the information you have gained over the years? You can do it. But there are certain steps that can increase your chances of success.

I would like to share five steps to becoming an apologetics speaker.

  1. Get relevant training. This does two things. First of all, it increases your knowledge and skills. Secondly, it gives a reason for audiences to want to hear you. It can be a degree or a certificate. It can be in apologetics or a related field. You can find some suggestions on my Apologetics Resources page.
  2. Pick a topic that you can focus on. Apologetics can cover just about everything from philosophy to science to history to almost anything else. Make yourself an expert in some specific topic. Examples could include intelligent design, problem of evil, Jesus myth, Mormonism or New Age.
  3. Read widely in apologetics. While it is good to have a focus, it is also important to have a wider understanding of the issues. Some of the most rewarding times are the informal conversations after a presentation and you can never predict what people are going to ask you.
  4. Get experience in speaking. You are likely not going to start off as the featured speaker of a RZIM conference. Take whatever opportunities that you can get. Teach a class at your church. Do a webinar online. Organize an event in your community. And don’t be afraid to ask people and organizations for opportunities. The worst they can do is say no.
  5. Seek out a mentor. Find someone who is doing what you want to do and learn from them. This does not have to be a formal mentoring relationship. You likely won’t get one-on-one time with William Lane Craig or Ravi Zacharias. But you can watch videos and if possible, attend live events. Don’t try to copy what they are doing. You are your own person with your own gifts. Learn from others but adapt what you learn to your personality and skills.

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