10 Things I Love About Apologetics

I have been involved in apologetics for a long time. I’m not a professional apologist, in the sense of making my living by apologetics, but I do enjoy it. I thought I would share ten things that I love about Christian apologetics.

  1. Apologetics is a way for me to worship God with my mind.
  2. Apologetics does play a role in some people’s faith journey.
  3. Apologetics helps Christians to become more confident in their faith and more active in ministry.
  4. I learn new things all the time.
  5. Apologetics builds up my own faith.
  6. I get to learn about what other people believe.
  7. Apologetics makes me a better pastor of my congregation.
  8. There is an amazing apologetics community out there that I have come to appreciate.
  9. I enjoy the intellectual stimulation of apologetics.
  10. I get to hear about how my own apologetics activity has helped others.

What would you add to this list?

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