Good News: A Great Day at Church

Today was a wonderful day at Queen Street Baptist Church. We started something new with including the children in the service for the first Sunday of the month. Some of the children (including one of our daughters) were a part of the worship team and some (including our son) helped take up the offering. I love that our church embraces multi-generational ministry. One of the neat things that took place was that our daughter Emma had her first communion today.

In addition, we continued our after church sermon discussion class. I love the conversations we have in this group. I really enjoy how people are dreaming about future ministry opportunities. It is very exciting.

Then in the evening, we had an ordination service for Jean-Marie Atitso, who is our outreach coordinator. Jean-Marie came to us a number of years ago from Togo. It is always exciting to participate in an ordination.

It was overall a great day at church. That is my good news.

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