A Comic Movie I Would Like to See


Although DC Comics is just trying to make movies of their most popular characters at the moment, there are some obscure ones that would be pretty interesting.

One of the most entertaining series in my opinion was the old Jack Kirby Kamandi series. I know that Kamandi has a lot in common with Planet of the Apes (it may be one of the reasons I like Kamandi). In fact Kirby was asked by DC to come up with a Planet of the Apes type series. But I really liked the mythology that Kirby came up with Kamandi. I liked the conflict between the gorillas and the tigers. I liked Kamandi’s friendship with the dogs. There were also a number of mutants like Ben Boxer. There is a huge potential to create a really neat world on the big screen.

What about you. Would you like to see a Kamandi movie?

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