5 Things to Do When You Receive Criticism

If you are in a position of leadership, you are eventually going to receive criticism. If you are never criticized, then there is probably something wrong. But how should you react when you are criticized? For some people, any criticism is devastating.

Here are five things that we all need to do when we receive criticism.

  1. Consider that there might be truth in the criticism. It is tempting to write it off as a personal attack, but there might be something useful in what they say.
  2. Try to understand the motive behind the criticism. Some people try to hurt, some people try to help but are not careful with their words, and some people want to help but we are too sensitive.
  3. Do not block out all of the encouraging voices. It is easy to filter out all of the encouragement and focus on the negative. Avoid this temptation.
  4. Pray for the one who criticized you. I don’t prayers for the wrath of God but prayers of blessing. It helps to not become bitter over the criticism.
  5. Remember that your value is not based on what other people think of you but rather in who you are in Christ. People’s disapproval of you cannot affect your true identity.
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5 thoughts on “5 Things to Do When You Receive Criticism”

  1. I guess I learned the hard way these lessons but as I grew in God I learned a couple of small things to do BEFORE I spoke.
    First, what I have said does it reflect who I am in God’s kingdom? Does it reflect God’s personality through me? Or does it reflect my own thoughts and views?
    Second, does it stand the test against God’s word?

    I have learned that if I truly put these things first and then if someone criticizes me I can have an honest opinion of my evaluation of the person’s criticism of what I have said.

    Holding onto God’s truth allows me to see a clearer picture of everything I do and say. Comparing what someone else has said in regards to what I have said or done to God’s word allows me to either receive that criticism or rebuke it.

    I may not be perfect in living according to God’s word but I know I can be honest enough to evaluate those things in my life that affect my relationships and reflect who I am in Christ.
    Thank you for the insight though. God Bless

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