A Major Shift in My Sermon Preparation

I have recently participated in two different training events on preaching. While both events were very different, there was one concept that came up in each of them. It had to do with sermon preparation.

At both events, speakers talked about shifting their sermon preparation so that they are always preparing for the sermon that they are preaching in two weeks. The advantage of this is that it gives more time for your brain to work through the passage, which should lead to some deeper reflection when it comes time to write the sermon.

Right now I have been doing my preparation on Tuesdays (Mondays are my day off) and then I start writing my sermon on Thursdays and sometimes finish it on Friday mornings.

I have decided that I will give this two week cycle a chance. The hard part of course is getting started as that requires preparing for two sermons in the first week. Still, I like the idea of having more time to think about the passage.

I will let you know how this system works for me and whether or not I recommend it.

By the way, I have made another change in my sermon preparation. I have gone back to translating the passages that I’m preaching on from the Hebrew or Greek. While this is not required, I do find that it helps me see the passage in a fresh way.

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