Good News: Thankful for Queensway

Ryan Marthinsen
Rev. Ryan Marthinsen

Today Amanda and I took a trip to Brantford for Ryan Marthinsen’s ordination at Queensway Baptist Church. Ryan is the pastor of family ministries at Queensway. We wanted to be there because during my time between churches, we attended Queensway. Ryan did a fantastic job giving leadership to the children’s ministries and our children absolutely adored him. He really had an impact on their lives.

Being there today brought back many memories. Just over fifteen years ago, I was ordained at Queensway. I spent about two years there as a youth pastor and that experience really helped form my future ministry. I was about to give up on pastoral ministry just before Don Fraser, the pastor at the time, invited me to come up and apply for the youth position. I may not have continued in ministry, if not for that.

Queensway also played an important role in our life over the last couple of years. After I left my pastoral charge in Meaford/Woodford, we came back to Queensway as members. This was a difficult time for our family as, among other things, I became very sick and actually thought I was dying. We received a tremendous amount of support from the congregation. Deane Proctor, who is the lead pastor of Queensway, was the best pastor we could have had. Not only is he an amazing preacher, he has provided care to our family in our darkest times.

So I want to say congratulations to Ryan, thanks to Deane and blessings to Queensway for being a great church.


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2 thoughts on “Good News: Thankful for Queensway”

  1. Hey Steve,glad to see you and Amanda could make it for Ryan’s ordination too.Sorry we did not talk today but the church sure was a busy place .For me seeing Ryan complete this step in his journey of faith was like a graduation of sorts.I had the privilege of being a part of the search committee team.His passion for the Lord and leadership skills have grown these last four years as he and Diana became part of the Queensway community.We are blessed to have him.

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