An Attempt at Sabbath Keeping

I recently read The Emotionally Healthy Leader and one of the themes in that book was the importance of keeping a Sabbath. It is stressed not in a legalistic way, as if not keeping a Sabbath made you a bad person. The emphasis is more on the need to get that rest in order to be able to lead from an emotionally healthy place. The author keeps his Sabbath from Friday 6 pm to Saturday 6 pm, which is close to the biblical Sabbath.

I fully agree with him on the importance of the Sabbath, but Saturday won’t work for me. My mind is completely focused on the Sunday morning service that I never feel rested on that day. Plus I often use that day to get caught up on other things.

SabbathInstead, I decided to create my own Sabbath from Sunday noon to Monday noon (Monday is my day off). What does that look like? For one, I don’t do any work. But more importantly, I let the Sabbath shape my online activities. This means no checking email (work or personal) or social media during the 24 hour period. The only thing that I do, is to write my weekly Good News blog post and share it on social media (without opening my notifications).

This weekend I tried this for the first time and I enjoyed it. What did I do? I napped, walked the dog, watched some Netflix, watched a movie with the kids and read. It was amazing what having a chunk of time separated for rest could do. It was not a perfect Sabbath. I had a conference call (not for my job) Monday morning, which was not ideal for my Sabbath. Still, it is better than anything I have had before.

I believe that this will help me both in my personal and professional life.

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