I Am a Church Member

I Am a Church MemberI really appreciate Thom Rainer and the books he writes. They are short, practical and based on experience in the real world.  I Am a Church Member is no exception.

One of the great lies of the church is that pastors are to do all the work of ministry, while the congregation pays the salary and shows up for the programs. The truth is that the pastor is to equip the members of the church for ministry. A congregation can do so much more than just one or two paid staff.

However, this requires that members of the church embrace an active role. Rainer provides six commitments, that if adopted by members of the church, would transform not only the church, but their community as well. The six commitments are:

  • I will be a functioning church member.
  • I will be a unifying church member.
  • I will not let my church be about my preferences and desires.
  • I will pray for my church leaders.
  • I will lead my family to be healthy church members.
  • I will treasure church membership as a gift.

This is not to say any troubles within the church are the members’ fault and the pastor is always innocent. Reading Rainer’s other books, it is clear that he holds pastors and other leaders up to a high standard. Rather this book is aimed at a particular problem: the consumer and observer mentality of many church members.

Each chapter is filled with examples from real church situations. It is clear that these principles are much more than just theory. The book is quite short and be read in a couple of hours. I recommend this book for every member of a Christian church.

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