3 Bad Reasons to Do Apologetics

I love apologetics and I enjoy working in the area of Christian apologetics. I’m glad there is tremendous growth in the interest of apologetics. But I also believe that there can be some bad motivations for being involved in apologetics. Here are three bad reasons to do apologetics.

  1. You are having doubts about Christianity. Some Christians struggle with doubt and are naturally led to apologetics. That is fine. But in such cases, reading apologetics should be for your own benefit and not for debating skeptics. I suspect this explains why there are a number of ex-apologists who are now atheists.
  2. You love arguments. If your main motivation is that you love to prove people wrong, apologetics is not for you. The purpose of apologetics (as evangelism) is to help people see that Christianity is a reasonable option. The purpose is not to win the argument, but to bring someone closer to Jesus.
  3. You want to demonstrate your intelligence. This is related to the previous point. In this case, you may be more interested in impressing your audience than just beating your opponent. It is good that apologists generally emphasize continuing education and lifelong learning, but it should not be to impress people. Pride always leads to a fall.
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