Good News: Being a Model Parent

My good news for this week actually brings together two other things that I have recently gotten involved in. I have started keeping a Sabbath, as described in this post. My Sabbath keeping (which I observe Sunday noon to Monday noon) includes staying offline, except for my Sunday Good News post. Part of what I use this time for is to have more family time.

Justus BedardThat brings me to another thing I have started doing. In trying to relax with a hobby, I have started building model airplanes. I have completed my Spitfire but I also bought a F4D-1 Skyray. My purpose for this one was different than the Spitfire. The Spitfire was for my own benefit. The Skyray was for me to build with my son Justus.

Today was a good day for us to do this as he injured his finger (possibly breaking it) and has had a rough day. So it was nice for us to have this time to work on something together. It was fun to share something I did when I was his age with my son. I did the gluing and he did the painting.

We are still working on it and I’m thankful that I can have this quality time with him.

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