7 Skills of an Effective Apologist

There are those who are interested in apologetics and those who are involved in apologetics. If you want to be an effective apologist, it requires more than just reading a few books. Here are seven skills that are essential for being an effective apologist.

  1. The ability to listen carefully to the person you are interacting with. Don’t just use the time when they are talking to formulate your next argument.
  2. The ability to integrate a variety of disciplines. There is really no subject called apologetics. Apologetics is a goal toward which you use theology, philosophy, biblical studies, science, history, etc. Apologetics requires bringing these subjects together.
  3. The ability to choose your battles. It is better to discuss the few important issues than to try and debate every topic that comes up.
  4. A good understanding of the Bible. While there are many topics that are important, the Bible is the primary source through which we know who God and what God wants for us.
  5. Patience with frustrating people/arguments. Don’t lose your cool when you encounter people are being unreasonable.
  6. A good understanding of critical thinking. The basic rules of logic are essential to making a coherent argument.
  7. Trust in God. While it may seem strange to speak of trusting God as a skill, it is something we develop over time. Work hard to present the faith in the clearest way possible, but trust God to work through your ministry.

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